Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wedding Gown - Part Two

Bodice front, inside, showing twill underlining, boning casings:
A completed sleeve.
The back, inside view:
And the bodice pieces ready to assemble and try on.
This was just before realizing that my carefully planned and fitted pattern was not going to smooth out along the side bust, after assembly, as I had counted on... Well, the challenges and problem solving are one of the reasons I enjoy sewing, so back to the pattern! Thankfully I had enough satin and underlining to cut a new front after resolving the problem and carefully picking apart the existing pieces. I ended up converting the center-most waist darts and the side bust darts into a princess seam, and leaving the second waist dart as a design feature and another place to fit the waist area. It was worth the extra effort, to be pleased with the end result! Next is fun detail work:
A pile of satin covered, fabric backed buttons, button looping, boning, lace, and horsehair braid!

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Olinda said...

Yay! Fun to see your new post. I like your new background wallpaper, too.