Friday, November 18, 2011

Having Fun With Food!

Some recent kitchen endeavors:

My first try at sourdough! I got the starter from my husband's mom, took it home and fed it and, after a couple of informative phone conversations with my sister-in-law, a little reading-up and some mixing, was able to bake this airy loaf, with a crisp, glossy crust! It is fun and rewarding to be so successful with the first attempt. We made whole wheat waffles this morning, using our starter--yum! That's my starter in the corner of the photo. I'm seeing all kinds of sourdough projects in the future...

I baked a three-loaf batch of my mom's Honey Wheat Bread. One plain loaf, six sandwich rolls, and a loaf of cinnamon bread.

And a batch of granola, mixed up after getting my "Everyday Food" magazine in the mailbox. This turned out really well, and was so quick!

And this one's not a kitchen project, but the other task that my husband and I have been tackling bit-by-bit is getting our garage cleared out and organized! We're making progress, and I'm no longer feeling overwhelmed by 'The Pile'!

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Sarah said...

So yummy! It's exciting to catch little glimpses of how you are making your home cozy and nourishing.