Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wedding Gown - Part One

This is my beautiful lace from Britex in San Francisco. It is Alencon lace from France--a bit of a splurge! I almost put it down, but my Mom said I should go ahead and get it since it was definitely my favorite, and I'm only making myself one wedding gown! We figured the quantity carefully, just enough to go around the neckline and waist, and a few motifs extra. It started as a double sided strip that I carefully cut apart.

Here is my final bodice muslin (about the forth or fifth!)

Playing with the lace on the neckline of my muslin.

My starting sketch. The final dress looks much like this, with a change of trim around the waist.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Having Fun With Food!

Some recent kitchen endeavors:

My first try at sourdough! I got the starter from my husband's mom, took it home and fed it and, after a couple of informative phone conversations with my sister-in-law, a little reading-up and some mixing, was able to bake this airy loaf, with a crisp, glossy crust! It is fun and rewarding to be so successful with the first attempt. We made whole wheat waffles this morning, using our starter--yum! That's my starter in the corner of the photo. I'm seeing all kinds of sourdough projects in the future...

I baked a three-loaf batch of my mom's Honey Wheat Bread. One plain loaf, six sandwich rolls, and a loaf of cinnamon bread.

And a batch of granola, mixed up after getting my "Everyday Food" magazine in the mailbox. This turned out really well, and was so quick!

And this one's not a kitchen project, but the other task that my husband and I have been tackling bit-by-bit is getting our garage cleared out and organized! We're making progress, and I'm no longer feeling overwhelmed by 'The Pile'!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday!

Here are a few photos of the cake I made for my little sister's birthday, my most challenging decorating endeavor to date (makes me really appreciate the talent of a couple of my family members!)

The materials:

The hardest part-frosting an unusual shape!

The finished product:

And the happy birthday girl!

Her excited exclamation and beaming face made it all worth the effort!
My mom sent me this link, How to Make a Horse Cake, for the instructions.