Tuesday, March 23, 2010

San Francisco - Part 1

This past weekend I attended the San Francisco Vintage Fashion Expo with a friend. It was an inspiring event, from a fashion and design stand point. It's so much fun to see a collection all in one place of actual garments that real people wore to live, work and play! I love the attention to detail and the elaborate hand work that is so common on many garments from the past.

This is the most beautiful thing I saw at the Expo! After admiring for a moment, we asked the vendor if he minded us photographing it. That's when he told us that it was a vintage Dior gown! No wonder I was captivated instantly--the cut, drape, details and careful combination of elements fit my idea of couture perfectly. If only I could have seen the inside!

The large bow and silk flowers hide the bustle. The dress was bustled on the hanger and still hung about two feet longer in back--the train must be very long!

Beautiful loops and covered buttons on the back.

These silk bias tubes are the ties for the bustle. I like the way the design incorporates the mechanics on the outside of the skirt, and the silk rose buds are a charming finish.
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San Francisco - Part 2

The best shot I could get of the front of the Dior wedding gown. The bodice was a double layer of silk organza, princess seamed with cap sleeves cut in one with the bodice. The edges were bound in some way. The waist detail is the same shiny silk dupioni that the back bow is made of.

Close-up details on a late '30s/early '40s gown. The dress was floor length with a bias cut skirt, short sleeves with matching gathered darts, and no sign of the original full slip that must have gone with this sheer and completely feminine gown.

My friend was lucky enough to get several lovely hair-dos from the Bakelite Lady at the show.

A close-up of hand smocking on a casual day dress.
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San Francisco - Part 3

I'm not sure if this dress is '20s, '80s, or another decade entirely, but it was casual white bark cloth with black smocking. The cut of the kimono cap sleeves and the slight blouse effect at the hip line gave it a pretty modern look. It would be chic today with some leggings and gladiator sandals!

We finished our day with a drive along the ocean side of San Francisco, and a quick stop for some pictures of the Cliff House, and the ruins of the Sutro Baths.

The weather had cleared from overcast earlier in the day, to blue sky with a few white clouds by early evening. We enjoyed the beautiful setting as the sun sank over our stretch of the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks for a great day!
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