Friday, December 31, 2010

Dolls and Ribbon and Lace!

Dolls are so cooperative--they stay still for fittings, and don't mind laying around in they're bloomers while I make changes, they're fine with Velcro down the back, and they even stand and smile patiently for photos!

I had the fun of making four little outfits for my sister's doll, "Liberty," (18" doll from Vision Forum) as part of a birthday gift.

A southern belle

Sweet dreams

Sunday best

Abigail Adams, founding of our country

This last one is my favorite--I'm so pleased with the combination of fabrics and trims that I was able to find!


Sarah said...

Delightful doll dresses! Naomi probably has no idea what a special gift these handmade costumes are! Thanks for sharing :).

♥~Julie~♥ said...

They turned out sooo beautiful as always.
I bet it was a bit difficult to sew such small garments.

GretchenJoanna said...

I love them! And I'm hoping to sew some more doll clothes myself in the next few weeks, so I appreciate the inspiration.

Carrie said...

Angela, your creations are just beautiful! I've quietly started thinking about a doll for Faith and have been looking at the Vision Forum dolls verses the American Girl dolls. Since you have seen both, how would you say they compare quality wise?

How are you? I'd love to hear... praying all is well!