Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful Buttonholes

If you have the option on your sewing machine to adjust the settings, you can have a beautiful buttonhole that is suited to your fabric. The dense buttonhole hole in these pictures is nice for some heavier fabrics, but the very fine, semi-sheer silk that I'm currently working with needed a softer, less dense buttonhole!

I lengthened the zig-zag until I was pleased with the result. I also threaded the bobbin thread through the finger on the bobbin holder, tightening the lower tension, to make the top threads pull through to the back.

Before slashing the buttonhole open, I ran a thin bead of FrayCheck between the lips and let it dry completely. (Always test on a scrap--sometime the FrayCheck shows even after it's dry!) This eliminates the little threads that catch on the button, inside the finished buttonhole.

Click on the pictures for close-ups. The left-hand buttonhole (top photo) and top buttonhole (bottom photo) is fine-tuned to the fabric.

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Lydia said...

Button holes are always daunting to me. Maybe I can send them to you? ;-)