Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Quilt

Here is the surprise project! It was a baby shower gift for my sister and her husband, who are expecting a girl. My mom and I put it together in about a week and a half!

Here are a couple of close-up showing the flannel back and the appliques. The butterflies are attached with fusible web and a machine zig-zag. We hand embroidered the antenea.

We are making a matching crib-size dust ruffle in the redish-pink dot. This was such a fun project! I can't wait to meet my first little niece!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

So Excited!

I'm so excited to share my most recent project that my mom and I have almost completed! But it's a secret for a couple more days...shhhh!

Constance, Germany
Aren't these cute?


Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Here is a (very) short essay on 'original creation' versus 'finite creativity' that I wrote sometime in 2008:
We are creative because God is creative. The difference is that God created Something from Nothing; we can only create within the parameters defined by our loving Father. He needed nothing to get started and He made a world so amazing and complex that men still marvel as they continue to discover 'new' elements in our world and beyond. In contrast, we can only create with media that has already been given to us, with thoughts derived from our experience, our reading, our observation. Nothing truly original!

Far from limiting, this realization is beautiful and freeing. We can fully enjoy creating knowing that it is a reflection of our maker. We can revel in the diversity of ways to express that through art and beauty and color and song and poem. Even a job well done, showing attention to detail, reflects the nature of God.

I have been enjoying spring time here in beautiful Northern California, and reflecting again on the beauty in creation as it bursts out new all over the hills around me!

I have enjoyed fresh inspiration in the color and newness of the season; in late night brainstorm sessions with Lydia; in time away from routine, spent with family and friends! I am blessed!