Tuesday, March 23, 2010

San Francisco - Part 1

This past weekend I attended the San Francisco Vintage Fashion Expo with a friend. It was an inspiring event, from a fashion and design stand point. It's so much fun to see a collection all in one place of actual garments that real people wore to live, work and play! I love the attention to detail and the elaborate hand work that is so common on many garments from the past.

This is the most beautiful thing I saw at the Expo! After admiring for a moment, we asked the vendor if he minded us photographing it. That's when he told us that it was a vintage Dior gown! No wonder I was captivated instantly--the cut, drape, details and careful combination of elements fit my idea of couture perfectly. If only I could have seen the inside!

The large bow and silk flowers hide the bustle. The dress was bustled on the hanger and still hung about two feet longer in back--the train must be very long!

Beautiful loops and covered buttons on the back.

These silk bias tubes are the ties for the bustle. I like the way the design incorporates the mechanics on the outside of the skirt, and the silk rose buds are a charming finish.
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