Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Weekend Away

We made a very spontaneous run to Sacramento this weekend.  When our Sunday fellowship plans fell through, due to illness, we decided to book a hotel for a couple nights and then find some snow on Sunday!

In front of the Sterling Hotel.  This was a fun place to stay--a big victorian house built in the 1890s and converted to a hotel.  It has just 16 rooms, each unique.

Sunday morning we drove from Sacramento over to Sugar Bowl, for some snow play.  We found some untouched, deep, clean snow and had fun introducing our little guy to it!

He really had fun until his little pant legs got soaked through and cold on his skin!

Time for some lunch!  Yummy deli sandwiches.  Mine was grilled and melty!

Maybe a funny picture, but the lighting in our bathroom was so pretty.  The stained glass window was an orchid/lavender color and the room glowed pinkish when the sun was shining in.

Back in Sacramento, we enjoyed strolling the capital grounds and looking at trees and plants before dinner.  Here I'm in front of a dogwood tree.

This was one of our favorite roses in the rose garden--'Mardi Gras.'

And this was my favorite, aptly named 'Hot Cocoa.'  It is pinkish red, with a dusty chocolaty color to it.

Monday, I visited friends while Crandon worked in Sacramento, then we had a picnic dinner before heading home.  It was a warm day--in the 80s.

A really pleasant and relaxing little get-away!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Early Spring at Our House, in Pictures

A few pictures from the past couple of months, for those of you who still check my blog on occasion!  At ten weeks pregnant I'm tired a lot of the time and not managing much more than maintenance around here the past few weeks.

Outing to the San Francisco Zoo.  The zoo has really improved since my last memories of it, about 18 years ago!  It was a really fun trip with family.

Still working of figuring out the sippy cup!  So far, bite hard, pull and try to remember to swallow whatever liquid goes in the mouth!

A birthday outing (for me!) with Mom/Grandma.  A very enjoyable day browsing in Corta Madera.

Cheese for the first time.  It was OK, but nothing amazing, apparently.

Helping Daddy drive!

A day visiting family.  The little guys had fun, but didn't quite know how to play together yet!

All those drawers to empty!  It's a full time job!

My special little "engagement orchid" is blooming again, for the first time in three years!  We got it at the farmers market in S.F. at the Ferry Building, when we were getting my engagement ring resized.  It has a subtle fragrance that I get occasionally as I go about my day.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Happy Boy!

Eight months old and growing and learning every day!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finishing Projects

I have focused on completing projects over the past three months, and not bringing home new ones!  Here are some pictures of my three biggest projects.  I have also finished up or gotten rid of a number of smaller things that have been sitting around my sewing room.

Started on this probably a year and a half ago, before I was even pregnant.  This project was inspired by a similar book my mom made when I was a toddler.  It includes pages made by Mom and Melody, as a swap, since Melody is also working on one.

A sample of some of the pages:

Melody did this page.

And Mom did this one.

I hope to add a few more--maybe some buckles & closures, and some "boy" pages!

This project was acquired about two months after we got married.  It was free in front of a house when we were out walking one day!  I had already started sanding before remembering to take a picture, but the highchair was in very good condition when we got it.  I just really wanted it to be in the soft aqua/robin's egg color that we have in our house.

It was a lot of work painting all those rungs!  Not enough to deter me from acquiring a coffee table to paint, as my next project, though!

Dad, this one's for you--look at those rice puffs!

And this is the last one for now--turning a stack of squares and collected bits of fabric into a picnic quilt.  I don't even know how many years ago I started this one, but I'm guessing at least eight!

I have 109 different fabrics represented in this quilt, and not a single repeat within the collection of squares (I did use the monogram and border fabrics more than once.)

Just big enough for a play area!

Some Cooking

This winter I made eggnog for the first time.  It was really tasty and fun to make with fresh milk and eggs.  Check out the recipe here: Amazingly Good Eggnog

I also made chicken noodle soup and biscuits on a gray at-home day, when we all had colds.  Comfort food!

And some chinese (inspired) food!  The Honey Chicken was from a blog of asian cooking, and the "fried rice" was my creation.  The rice was using up left over brown rice; I think some kind of white rice would have been a nicer texture.  The chicken came out well, and was my first try at deep frying anything.  (Messy, messy...)

Thursday, December 12, 2013


A fun cake that Crandon's sisters made for his birthday--so creative!

One of my dishes to share for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Fresh Lime & Pineapple Fluff - grown up "jello salad"!

Our little man with Grandpa K, all dressed up for Thanksgiving.

And with Grandpa Y.

A little relaxing with Grandma Y!

Isn't this porch ceiling neat?  If we hadn't just painted ours a lovely glossy white I'd be really thinking about a nice sky blue... :-)

And the house it belongs to.  Love the style of this place.  No, we aren't house shopping, just having fun looking at a vacant house in a state park!

This picture makes me grin!